A New In The Hoop Freebie Design - Keyring Alphabet - A

Keep all of your keys organised with this wonderful keyring.  Made with either cork or vinyl, they are quick to stitch, and perfect for customising.  A single hooping, and scraps of vinyl or cork make this a great project for groups, or for selling.



  • Vinyl or cork – 2 pieces 10cm each
  • 5cm ribbon ¾” wide
  • Round jump ring for keys (I use a smallish 1cm – 1.5cm)
  • Embroidery thread to match your vinyl or cork
  • Tear Away Stabiliser
  • Alphabet Key Ring embroidery designs from Julie Hall Designs



  1. Thread your embroidery machine with thread to co-ordinate with your cork/vinyl, and ensure the bobbin fill is the same thread.
  2. Hoop your stabiliser, and stitch colour way 1 to show where the ribbon should be placed.
  3. Thread your ribbon through the jump ring, and fold over. Place the ribbon on the stitched line, and stitch down with colour way 2.   
  4. Colour way 3 will show where to place the vinyl/cork
  5. Take your two pieces of cork/vinyl, and lay over the back and front of the design. Stitch colour way 4.
  6. Remove the design from the hoop, and trim around the outside with sharp scissors. Ensure that when you come to trimming near the ribbon you trim the top and bottom separatly, making sure not to cut the ribbon.
  7. For any letters with holes in them, use a stanley knife to trim around the inside of the design.
January 10, 2020



Debbie said:

I would love some of your freebies. This is a good one for my DIL

Cheryl Ann Sollinger

Cheryl Ann Sollinger said:

These are so cool! Thank you!!!

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