A Quick Christmas Table Runner


Christmas is coming, and if you are anything like me, you are starting to think about your Christmas embroidery.  I love the idea of having some special Christmas touches to my home, however at the same time, I want to step away from the traditional Christmas elements, such as holly, santa, and snow.  Instead I am going geometric, and using Christmas colours as my inspiration, and Metallic thread to glam things up!


  • 1 table runner 1.5mx33cm (I have used a $6 table runner from k-mart, however you could make your own if you would like)
  • DIME Metallic Thread pack. This 6 pack thread pack gives you a great range of colours, perfect for adding to your Christmas projects.
  • TearClean tear away stabiliser
  • MagnaPins (great for avoiding hooping large projects), however you can either hoop or baste if you don’t have these fantastic products.
  • 5 colour chalk marking pen
  • On The Tiles Embroidery Designs by Julie Hall Designs


  1. Unwrap your table runner, and press flat with a hot iron
  2. Take your marking pen, and set to the yellow colour (always choose a colour which is visible, but easy to remove)
  3. Mark a 7” in from the end of the table runner, and draw a line. Mark another line across the runner showing the middle of the runner.
  4. Hoop your stabiliser firmly in the hoop
  5. Lay the table runner on top of the stabiliser, and center within the hoop (using the hoop markings not the actual center of the hoop).
  6. Secure the table runner to the stabiliser using MagnaPins in the corner of the hoop (outside of the stitching area).
  7. Secure your hoop to the machine, and begin stitching your design. When you are using metallic thread, ensure you slow your machine down to give the thread the best chance of forming beautiful stitches.
  8. Between each colour, ensure you trim any stray thread or tails which may be left.
  9. Once the embroidery is complete, remove the magnets and set aside, before you tear off excess stabiliser.
  10. Repeat steps 3-9 to place designs on the other end of the table runner, and another in the center.
  11. Because my table runner is large, I am going to use a smaller design in between the three large designs – adding interest and ensuring there is an “all over” design.
  12. Once all of the embroidery is complete, press your runner (from the back) with a hot iron, and you are ready to celebrate.
November 14, 2019

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