Make A Lined Notebook Zipper Pouch In The Hoop

I did it!  I drank the lemonade, joined the tribe, whatever you want to call it.  I got a planner.

And I know what you are thinking – what does that have to do with embroidery and crafting?  For me a lot.  I am loving the planner, and the ability to keep a track of lots of things at once, but not my issue is travelling around with the planner, and how to store all of the excess stuff for it, such as pens, and washi tape.

I purchased an a5 planner, so that I could place it into my gorgeous notebook cover, and this notebook pouch goes perfectly with it.

So my solution was simple.  I needed a zippered pouch, I wanted one that could be a bookmark and placeholder as well, and I wanted it to be pretty.

And so my free lined notebook pouch in the hoop was born.


  • 130x180mm embroidery hoop
  • Tear clean stabiliser
  • 1 piece of cork fabric 195x145mm
  • 2 pieces of cork fabric 195x75mm
  • 1 piece of lining fabric 200x150mm
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric 200x80mm
  • Number 5 zipper 20cm long (I choose the no. 5 zipper, as it is nice and wide, and easy to work with)
  • 25cm Decorative Elastic (this is enough for an A5 notebook (you can use more elastic for a larger notebook.
  • Thread to match your cork (use regular sewing thread, or polyester embroidery thread for extra strength)


  1. Hoop stabiliser firmly in your hoop.
  2. Load your hoop onto your machine, and stitch out the first colour way, showing the outline of the pouch, and where the zipper will go.
  3. Lay the zipper on top of the zipper outline, and stitch colour way 2 to attach the left hand side of the zipper to the stabiliser. Keep an eye on the foot as you stitch, and move the zipper slider down or up as needed.
  4. Repeat step 3 for colour way 3 to stitch the right side.
  5. Take your two smaller pieces of cork fabric, and working on the left hand side first, lay the cork down on top of the zipper, covering the outline, and stitch colour way 4 to secure the vinyl/cork/fabric to the zipper.
  6. Repeat step 5 for colour way 5, and the right hand side of the pouch.
  7. Take your two smaller pieces of lining fabric, and fold under 1cm, along the long edge of each piece.
  8. Remove the hoop from the embroidery machine, and flip over to show the back. Take your lining fabrics, and lay over the pouch outline, with the folded edge along the zipper line.  Secure the fabric to the stabiliser with either sticky tape, or your MagnaPins.
  9. Stitch colour way 6 to secure the left hand side of the lining fabric to the zipper.
  10. Stitch colour way 7 to secure the right hand side of the lining fabric to the zipper. If you have used MagnaPins, remove the pins here, to avoid having them in the bag as you stitch.
  11. Take your elastic, and lay over the zipper lengthways. Secure the elastic with sticky tape on each end, and fold the bulk in the middle and secure with another piece of tape.
  12. Take your final (large) piece of cork fabric, and lay over the top of the design, making sure it covers the design area. Stitch colour way 8 to secure all of the layers together.
  13. Finally, take your larger piece of lining fabric, and lay it face down over the back of the design. Stitch colour way 9 to secure the lining to the design.
  14. Now that all of the stitching is complete, remove the design from the hoop, and tear away excess stabiliser.
  15. Trim closely around the design except for where the opening has been left.
  16. Pull the pouch through the lining hole, and then hand stitch the lining closed.
  17. Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim away the excess stabiliser from the zipper. Manipulate the zipper open, and pull the pouch all the way out, so that the lining is on the inside, and the cork on the outside.  Press with a cool iron, using a sharp pin to pull the corners of the pouch straight.

Enjoy using your pouch for many years to come.



November 07, 2019



Leonie said:

Looks great Julie Do you have a kit for the purse as well as the notebook cover?

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