New In the Hoop Sunglasses Zippered Pouch Design

Christmas is coming, and if you are anything like me, you want to make some special people in your life something special, but you don't have the time to make large projects for everyone.  This glasses case is the perfect solution.  Use up your scraps of fabric, add a zipper, and gifting is sorted!


  • 130x180mm embroidery hoop
  • Tear clean stabiliser
  • 2 pieces main fabric (180x100mm)
  • 2 pieces lining fabric (180x100mm)
  • 2 pieces lining fabric (180x100mm)
  • 10cm zipper No. 3 or 5
  • Thread to match your cork (use regular sewing thread, or polyester embroidery thread for extra strength)
  • TearClean Stabiliser
  • Applique Fabric for glasses – I love vinyl for this.
  • ITH Sunglasses Pouch from Julie Hall Designs


  1. Hoop stabiliser firmly in your hoop.
  2. Load your hoop onto your machine, and stitch out the first colour way, showing the outline of the pouch, and where the zipper will go.
  3. Lay the zipper on top of the zipper outline, and stitch colour way 2 to attach the bottom side of the zipper to the stabiliser. Keep an eye on the foot as you stitch, and move the zipper slider across as needed.
  4. Repeat step 3 for colour way 3 to stitch the top side.
  5. Take your first piece of main fabric, and fold over 1cm at the top. Lay a piece of embroiders felt underneath the main fabric (into the fold), and place the folded edge against the bottom of the zipper, ensuring the entire design area is covered.  Stitch colour way 4 to secure the fabric to the zipper.
  6. If you are stitching applique sunglasses to your pouch, colour ways 5, 6, 7 & 8 will outline the glass area, and stitch the applique fabric down,on both sides of the glasses.
  7. Colour way 9 with stitch the outline detail of the glasses – I suggest a contrasting fabric which will highlight the design.
  8. Remove the hoop from the machine, and flip over backwards. Lay the first piece of lining fabric  (with the top turned under 1cm) on top of the zipper placement line (bottom), and secure with either MagnaPins or sticky tape.  Stitch Colour way 10 to secure.
  9. Lay the final piece of main fabric, and embroiders felt on top of the entire design, and stitch colour way 11 to secure, and stitch an overlocking stitch around the case. Ensure the zipper tab in inside the pouch area in this step.
  10. Remove the hoop from the machine, flip over backwards, and lay the final piece of lining fabric, face down over the entire design. Secure with either MagnaPins or sticky tape, and stitch colour way 12 to complete.
  11. Remove the hoop from the machine, pull off any excess stabiliser, and trim close to the embroidery,except for the hole left to pull the lining through.
  12. Pull the lining inside out, and secure with either hand stitching, or double sided fabric tape, or fabric glue.
  13. Once the lining is secure, remove the stabiliser from the zipper section, and open the zipper, before turning the pouch right side out. Press with a warm iron to complete.


November 20, 2019

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