New Years Resolution 1. Do less damage to the environment

Like most people, I would like to make less impact on the world around me.  I recycle and sort our plastics and recyclables, I save our vege scraps and make stock, but I know there is more I could do.  This year, one of my goals is to make small changes in what I do to stop my casual plastics/paper usage.

The first change I am making is to stop using straws as a family.  I love the metal straw movement, but I hate the idea of carrying around a used straw with me.  So my solution is to make a holder for it.

This holder is flat, the perfect size for a regular sized straw, and when lined with PUL fabric, it is waterproof, and you can carry a used straw without worrying about making a mess.

Make this design for family and friends, or make them to sell at your local craft market.

I sourced my metal straws from k-mart in australia.  They were in the party section, and come with a cleaner which I carry in mine as well.



  • Main fabric, 2 pieces, 25cm x 9cm
  • Embroiders felt, 2 pieces, 25cm x 9cm
  • PUL waterproof fabric 2 pieces 25cm x 9cm
  • Size 3 zipper (approximately 2.5cm wide)
  • Embroidery thread for wording on carrier
  • Sewing thread to co-ordinate with your main fabric (and a bobbin with the same thread)
  • 5cm ribbon for tag
  • Double sided no heat basting tape (or needle and thread)
  • Stabiliser
  • Take a Sip embroidery designs from Julie Hall Designs


  1. Colour way 1 stitches the outline, and shows you where to place the zipper.
  2. Lay the zipper on top of the rectangle outline, and stitch colour way’s 2 and 3 to secure.
  3. Lay down your piece of main fabric, with the edge turned under, and embroiders felt underneath, on top of the stitched outline, with the turned under edge along the zipper, and stitch colour way 4 to secure.
  4. Colour way 5 adds the wording to the design. If you don’t want wording on your carrier, simply skip this step.
  5. Take your first piece of lining fabric (I have used PUL waterproof fabric), and with the edge turned under, attach to the back of the design, again along the zipper edge, stitching colour way 6. You can hold the backing to the design using either sticky tape, or magna pins.
  6. If you want to make a little strap/tab for your bag, so that you can hook it onto things, place it on top of the design at this stage, and secure ready for stitching in colour way 7.
  7. The next step is to attach the backing to the design. Take your backing fabric and embroiders felt, and lay on top of the stitching outline.  Stitch colour way 7 to secure, and stitch an overlocking stitch as well.
  8. The final colour way (8) will secure the lining fabric to the design. Remove the hoop from the machine, and lay the second piece of lining fabric face down on the back of the design.  Secure with sticky tape or magna pins, and stitch out colour way 8.
  9. Remove the design from the hoop, and take away any excess stabiliser and stitcky tape or magna pins.
  10. Trim around the design, leaving extra space around the opening of the holder (but only on the lining layers.
  11. Pull the bag inside out through the lining, and close the opening using either hand stitching, or double sided sewing tape. I will warn you, this step is difficult with the PUL, but worth it to have the waterproof lining.
  12. Remove excess stabiliser from the zipper area, and turn the bag right side out through the zipper.
  13. Use a warm iron (not hot or you will melt the PUL fabric) to press your project to complete.


January 01, 2020

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