Valentines Day Pot Holders

Make this Valentines day special with these gorgeous pot holders.  They are quick to make, and will bring a smile to your face, single or partnered.



  • Only use 100% cotton fabrics on this project. You do not want the fabric to melt.

  • Magnapins will help when you are holding the project together, but are not mandatory.




  • 9.5” square of main fabric – I am using Denim
  • 9.5” square of heat retardant wadding - I am using Insulbrite
  • 9.5” square of backing fabric – I am using a homespun cotton fabric
  • Binding fabric for the pot holder (use either pre-made bias, or make your own. Should be approximately 34” worth)
  • Polycut stabiliser
  • Embroidery hoop to hold design 8” or larger
  • Snarky Valentines Day Designs by Julie Hall Designs



  1. Hoop your polycut stabiliser in the hoop, and load the hoop into your machine.

  2. Load your design of choice (make sure you choose the “quilt” version of the design) into your machine, and stitch out the design, until you reach the last two colours.

  3. Remove the hoop from the machine, and flip over. Lay the wadding and backing fabric over the outline of the design, and secure with either magnapins or sticky tape, and return the hoop to the machine.

  4. Stitch the second last colour to quilt through all layers of the fabric/wadding.

  5. The last colour way provides a stitch around the entire area of the design.

  6. Remove the hoop from the machine, and trim around the design with a 1/4” edge.

  7. Take your bias binding (either purchased or home made), and bind the pot holder, leaving a loop for hanging the holder.


February 09, 2020



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Sandra Navarrete

Sandra Navarrete said:

I can’t find the free design, the potholder.

Krista Bateman

Krista Bateman said:

No free design? Why list this as free and then change for the set?

Connie McCumber Brown

Connie McCumber Brown said:

This indicates there’s a free valentine design, but I’m not finding one. Is this a past thing or right now?

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