Bobbin Clamps


SKU: N66

Bobbin Clamps are the BEST way to secure your bobbin thread and stop it from unravelling.

Available in a pack of 12, these silicone clamps securely hold the bobbins.
The pack of clamps come with two 8″ chain for carrying bobbins or for organization.
The Ergonomically designed clamps work with TYPE A, L and M bobbins and they are made to last!

Don’t bother with bobbin clasps that are tiny, and difficult to get your fingers around, these Clamps are simple for all to use, and best of all – work with full or empty bobbins, and don’t disturb the thread. 

I have my thread wound and secure with my Thread Huggers, my bobbins clipped to my threads with the Bobbin Pals, and now I can stop the bobbins from unravelling as I travel with them with these fantastic Bobbin Clamps.