Diva Wallet Frame


SKU: N118

This Wallet Closure sits on the top edges of a wallet/purse, the back on one side and the front (with hole) on the other. Pull them together and push the flip part through the hole to securely close the wallet/purse. They are prepackaged and come with 8 screws. Each bar has protective plastic that needs to be removed during installation. 

This wallet closure works great for with the ITH Diva Wallet https://juliehalldesigns.com/collections/all-designs/products/in-the-hoop-diva-wallet

Frame size: 19cm (7-1/2 inch)

SML Size 11.4cm (4.5")

Colour: Silver or Gunmetal

Pack: 1pk

Follow the directions in your particular pattern OR Slide the channels down on to the finished edges of your completed wallet to test fit.  You will need to cut the opening for the clasp. Use a small amount of glue in each channel, slide on and insert screws with a mini phillips head screwdriver.