Embroiders Felt


SKU: N67-b

Embroiders Felt is the best product that I have found in years for adding backing to your machine embroidery designs.

I have always encouraged people, when stitching on quilt or home décor designs (anything that wasn’t clothing),
to add a piece of pellum to the back, to give the design extra stability and an overall better look.

I have recently found an amazing product however that is even better than pellum.  It is thinner, at approximately 1.5mm, and doesn’t easily tear or pull away.

It’s name is Embroiders Felt.  Embroiders felt is 150cm wide, and comes in 5m, 2m or 1m lots.

1m for $10/metre

2m for $9/metre

5m for $8/metre

One of the things that I love with this felt, is that I can use it when I am creating quilting in the hoop designs, and it can act as both the stabiliser and the wadding.