Embroiders Rule


SKU: N84

The Embroiders Rule! are a set of Nested Rulers, allowing you to visually Place It, Cut It, Piece It! These rulers make squaring up quilt blocks simple and accurate.  Initially devised for machine embroidery, when the embroidery leaves the block slightly raised, and make perfect trimming difficult, these rulers are also great for fussy cutting, and trimming of patchwork/quilting blocks.

  • Rulers have 1/4" markings along the edge of each ruler

  • Each Ruler also shows diagonal markings, along you to multiple options for setting your blocks.

  • Visually center embroidery and appliqué designs before you cut.

  • Fussy cut your fabrics to ensure the best placement of the elements.

  • Choose to cut on the inside or outside of the ruler allowing more options.

  • Never worry about rulers slipping with raised embroidery designs again!

  • Embroiders Rule! are fantastic for all types of quilt blocks—sewing and machine embroidery!

  • Squares include: 4½”, 6½”, and 8½” and 10½" and 12½".

  • Blocks will finish at 4, 6, 8 10 and 12”.

  • Rectangles include: 12½x10½”, 10½x8½, 8½x6½

  • Blocks will finish at 12x10, 10x8, and 8x6"