Glitter Vinyl for Embroidery - Multiple Colours



Product Description

Marine Vinyl is a glitter vinyl.

This vinyl is not thick and bulky and it has a knit backing.

Sheets are approximately 210x297 and are laser cut. We try to be true to size, but a sheet could be off just a tad.

Note colors may differ due to computer monitor settings and dye lot changes. It is anti-mildew and abrasion-resistant. It can be washed in cold water on gentle or hand washed and dried via air dry, cool dry or hang to dry.

Our recommendation is to HAND WASH. This is a vinyl product and heat settings are NOT recommended.

DO NOT use chemicals such as Oxy Clean etc. with this vinyl as they can cause a break down of the vinyl. Many of our customers have washed and drier using the "regular" settings on their washer and dryer and have not had a single issue in doing so, but this is not our recommendation.If using this vinyl on items that are not preshrunk, please not that the vinyl will not shrink with the material. This can cause the vinyl to bunch up and even pull away.Needle use for this really does depend on what you are making with it. If you are doing an applique on a knit fabric you will get the best results using a ballpoint needle.