Iridescent Embroidery Film


SKU: N28-a

Julie Hall Designs is pleased to announce the release of Iridescent Embroidery Film ©.  A film that allows you to get the sparkle and effect of metallic thread, without any of the problems associated with metallic thread.

IRIDESCENT EMBROIDERY FILM© is a film, similar to cellophane or Angelina film, which can be embroidered over to give the look of metallic or iridescent thread.  It comes in sheets, 15x9”, or 38 x 23cm.

IRIDESCENT EMBROIDERY FILM© can be used in designs that have a loose weave.  I have specifically created many collections (so far) to utilize this magnificent film, All that Glitters – Mermaids, and All that Glitters – Angels, All that Glitters—Jacobean Opals, All that Glitters—Monster Mash, All that Glitters—Butterfly’s, All that Glitters—Christmas, All that Glitters—Fairies, Asian Aspects, All that Glitters - Snowglobes, Stained Glass Iris, Stained Glass Christmas, Stained Glass Deco Rose, Stained Glass Scotch Thistle.  In the sample shown, the base layer of the mermaid tail is stitched, then the film applied, and open weave stitches applied on top to allow the film to show through.

IRIDESCENT EMBROIDERY FILM© is washable, can be dried in the dryer, and ironed (although I do iron from the back).

IRIDESCENT EMBROIDERY FILM© is available from Julie Hall Designs in hang sell packs, ready to sell.