Quilt Basting Gun Kit


SKU: N71


The Stitch-a-ma-jig Tacking Tool or Quilt Basting Gun Kit is suitable for Upholstery, Quilting, Crafting & Labelling.  Instead of placing a quilt pin in your quilt, you can simply and quickly tag with the easy to use gun.

Using the Quilt Basting Gun makes stitching your quilt so much simpler.  You can easily stitch over and around these tacks, without breaking needles, much simpler than using the safety pin method.

The Kit features an Ultra-fine needle, which leaves minimal size hole.

Needle mechanism contains blade which cuts fasteners from strip.

Each needle replacement provides a new, sharp blade for fasteners.

Set includes two needles, gun, and 1000 fasteners (5mm - perfect for quilting).

Small, lightweight tool is comfortable to use, and requires no batteries or power.

Additional tags/fasteners can be purchased through our store.