Stabiliser Wrap Bands


SKU: N07

Embroidery Stabiliser Wrap Bands are an exciting product especially designed for embroiderer’s to help manage and label your embroidery backings and stabilisers.   

With so many different embroidery stabilisers available, it is very difficult to identify embroidery backing once the wrapping has been removed from the roll.  Another problem is that once the wrapping is off the embroidery backing they become unmanageable as they unwind all over the place.  Placing a rubber band around the tube damages the stabiliser and is hard to get off.   

The Embroidery Stabiliser Wrap Bands snap in place around the stabiliser to prevent it from unwinding.  This keeps all of your Backings, Topping, and Stabilisers neat and organized.

The Stabiliser Wrap Bands come in a set of 5 different colours, and can be written on with a marker to identify which stabiliser it is.