Stitch Eraser - UPDATED

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Is new, it’s improved, and it is now in stock!  With an Ergonomic design, charging plate, usb & AU plug,  better charging and running hours, battery prevents overcharging and overheating, Even lighter, still comes with the Australian plug, and the ability for interchangeable blades.  Blade is now Tungsten-Steel for finer trimming, without cutting the fabric.

The Amazing Stitch Eraser is made by the same people as the Peggy's Stitch Eraser & the Peanut Stitch Eraser however The Amazing Stitch Eraser doesn't need any converters (comes with an Australian plug, and without converters), and can be used with or without the cord (once charged).

The absolute perfect way to eliminate costly errors when machine embroidering. No need to spend countless hours unpicking mistakes when machine embroidery doesn't give perfect results, whether it be the fault of incorrect hooping, user blame (not that this would ever be an issue), or whatever the reason.   Now, you can do away with all that's incorrect and start again.

Simply hold the Amazing Stitch Eraser upside down and rub over the garment (as per the video below), using minimum downward force, pass the Eraser over the top of the stabilizer thus trimming the wrong side of the incorrect embroidery stitches. Will not damage the fabric like a slip of the unpicker can easily do.

I have tried shavers and mustache trimmers and find the Amazing Stitch Eraser to be the perfect device and not nearly as costly as competitors.

An absolute MUST for professional embroiderers for the time and heartache it could save you!