Thread Serum 10ml


SKU: N119

Makes machine embroidery and sewing smoother with less breakage.

Made with a water based silicone, this lubricant won't stain your fabric, or clag up your threads or machine.

Thread Serum is created for machine embroiders and sewers. Thread Serum applied sparingly to spool and bobbin thread and your sewing tools makes machine sewing smoother and threads less likely to break.

Thread Serum has unlimited uses:

  • Apply Thread Serum to spool and bobbin thread. It will lubricate the thread guides and tension as it passes within the machine for smoother stitching.
  • Apply Thread Serum to scissors for easier cutting.
  • Use Thread Serum on metal zippers.


    Place the dispenser tip at the top of the needle, spool etc. Allow a drop or 2 of sewers aid to come out - distribute evenly by moving downward on both sides