Water Soluble Thread


SKU: N92

1000m Spool!!!  Don't be fooled into spools that will not last through your project!

Water soluble thread is a terrific product for various purposes such as machine embroidery in the hoop projects, machine and hand basting, trapunto, appliqué, and heirloom sewing.

I mainly use it when I am creating In the Hoop Projects, and I need to baste all of the layers together, but I don't want the bulk of the stitches in the seams.  I only use the water soluble thread in the top of the machine, as the bobbin thread will naturally fall out once it is not supported by the top thread.

It is perfect for those who find working around the pins when they are quilting to be a real pain.

After pin basting your quilt, set your machine to a long basting stitch and stitch lines every 6" to 8" across the quilt in both directions using water soluble thread.  Remove the pins as I go. 

Once you have finished stitching the grid, the quilt is completely stabilized but all the pins are gone.  You can now concentrate on the actual machine quilting without having to work around pins.

After you have completed the quilting, gently wash the quilt to remove markings, and the water soluble thread.  This thread will dissolve in 20 degrees Celsius water.