In The Hoop Pencil Case - Make yours Today!

I adore this design.  Quick to stitch, with no sewing necessary, it is perfect to use as a child’s school pencil case, or as a notions carrier for taking to classes.  Customise with your favourite persons name for a truly unique gift.



  • 2 pieces of main fabric, 28x15cm
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric, 28x15cm
  • 2 pieces of thin wadding (such as embroiders felt) 28x15cm
  • 1 zipper to match main fabric, 15cm approx.
  • Contrast fabric for the tip of the pencil (I have used a light brown)
  • Contrast fabric for the name plate (suggest either vinyl or blackboard fabric)
  • TearClean Stabiliser
  • Bobbin fill and embroidery threads to co-ordinate with your fabrics
  • Regular sewing thread
  • Double sided sewing tape, fabric glue, or needle and thread to close the lining
  • In The Hoop Pencil Case Design by Julie Hall Designs



  1. Stitch colour way 1 to Outline the entire pencil case, and where the zipper will go.
  2. Lay the zipper on top of the zipper outline, and stitch colour way 2 to secure the zipper to the top of the stabiliser.
  3. Stitch colour way 3 to secure the bottom of the zipper to the stabiliser.
  4. Take one of the pieces of your main fabric, and fold over the top by 1cm, and press. Lay the folded edge over the zipper edge (with the bulk of the fabric covering the outline), and stitch colour way 4 to secure the fabric to the zipper.
  5. Colour way 5 will outline where the colour oval will be applied.
  6. Stitch colour way 6 to secure the applique fabric to the case (I have used a shiny vinyl, but this would look great with chalk fabric as well). Once the stitching is complete, trim away the excess fabric around the embroidery.
  7. Stitch colour way 7 to create a satin stitch around the oval.
  8. If you are going to add a name to your pencil case, this is where you would stitch. I have added the name Amy to mine in my software.  If you are not going to add a name, skip colour way 8.
  9. Colour way 9 will show you where to place the applique fabric for the bottom of the crayon.
  10. Lay your applique fabric down, and stitch colour way 10 to secure the applique fabric to the case. Once the stitching is complete, trim away the excess fabric around the outline, stitching close along the wavy top edge (where the satin stitches will go, and about ¼” around the other three sides to ensure they are caught up in the seams).
  11. Stitch colour way 11 to give a line of satin stitches around the applique.
  12. Take your first piece of lining fabric, and turn under a 1cm seam along the shorter end. Press with a hot iron, and lay over the back of the pencil case, with the folded seam along the zipper edge.  Secure with Magna pins or tape, and stitch colour way 12 to secure.
  13. Lay the final piece of the main fabric (this will be the back of the pencil case) on top of the design, and stitch colour way 13. This will join all of the layers of the pencil case together (except for the back lining), and stitch an overlocking stitch around the entire case.  Ensure that the zipper pull is within the design at this stage, or you will have a case which cannot be opened or closed.
  14. Before the final line of stitching, lay the last piece of lining fabric on the back of the design, face down. Secure with magnapins or tape, and stitch out the final line of stitching.
  15. Remove the hoop from the machine, pull off any excess stabiliser, and trim close to the embroidery,except for the hole left to pull the lining through.
  16. Pull the lining inside out, and secure with either hand stitching, or double sided fabric tape, or fabric glue.
  17. Once the lining is secure, remove the stabiliser from the zipper section, and open the zipper, before turning the pouch right side out. Press with a warm iron to complete.

 I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Please check out the designs for the pencil case HERE.

Until next time, have a Stitchin' Day.  Julie.

November 21, 2019

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